Call for Applications for all the registered candidates!! ASSIST/HMC/DAVIS 2021-2022

Candidatii care s-au inregistrat cu succes in prima parte a concursului trebuie sa completeze urmatorul set de documente pina la data de 15 decembrie


All the completed documents besides the Application Form should be scanned and sent to the following email:

1. Application Form LINK – 

Along with the Online Application Form you will have to provide 4 informal photograps that best represent you. Usually we recommend a photo with you and your family and another photo with you and your friends or an activity that you enjoy the most (e.g. sports, volunteer work, etc.).

**Note: Please do not use Google Chrome to submit your application. It will result in an error.**




2. School Report documents with latest grades

A copy of the original grades transcript for the IX-th form A copy of the original grades transcript for the IX-th form and a translation of the transcript bearing the signature of the principal and the stamp of school.

3. Teachers’ recommendations

The recommendation letters should be given to the School Administrator and English Teacher along with an envelope for each letter of recommendation, so that the teacher could fill in the recommendation letter and return it to you in a sealed envelope. If among your preferences is also ASSIST or DAVIS you should also provide a letter of recommendation from your current Mathematics teacher.

School Administrator Recommendation LINK

Teacher of English Recommendation LINK

Teacher of Mathematics Recommendation LINK

Teachers recommendations should be submitted at Liceul Orizont, Durlesti, to ASISST alumni: Elena Cheibas either on December 5th or on December 12th 13:00.


4.  Family Financial Declaration and Application for a Sponsorship forms.

These forms are meant for information purposes in order to determine the financial needs of the applicant and to estimate if he meets the financial requirements of the program.

Your parents should complete these forms online, download and print them from from their email.

HMC Family Financial Declaration Form (Print and Complete): LINK

HMC – HPCP pages for ASSIST countries(Print and Complete): LINK

Application for a Sponsorship: LINK



5. Copy of your Passport

Please include with the application a copy of your passport, if you already poses one.




Pentru intrebari si neclaritati:

Director de Program: Iulia Moldovan,
tel: 067100777

Coordonator de Program: Costel Gutu

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